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Acumen Payroll

We provide flexible payroll services that improve your payroll management system. Our solutions streamline your payroll process, simplify administration and improve productivity.

We manage routine and time consuming tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.

Acumen Payroll solutions ensure that your payroll is accurate, on time and in accordance with legislation.

Our professional staff with right skills, legislation knowledge and experience works on the customized 1C accounting software.

Save hundreds of thousands USD or Euros if your in-house ERP is SAP, Scala, Oracle or the like, as you don’t need to customize and maintain your HR and Payroll module anymore.

You can easily import our payroll file into your system.

What we do:

  • Payroll calculations (base salary, bonuses, sick-leaves, business trips, holidays, etc)

  • Advance reports

  • Employee and Employer taxes calculations and returns

  • Preparation of all reports to the authorities

  • Dealing with requests from authorities and personnel


1. Cost reduction
You definitely reduce your costs for payroll processing. We bring together significant expertise and technology which significantly decreases the costs per payslip. Payroll outsourcing can generally reduce your cost by nearly half the amount that would have been otherwise spent on labour costs keeping it in-house.

2. Legislation compliance
Employment regulations and tax laws are changing rapidly, which means it’s our job to keep up-to-date with the changes.

3. Time saving
Payroll processing is very time consuming, you don’t need to spend your precious management time on the routine tasks. Employees’ requests do not distract your HR and payroll specialists anymore but are dealt by us.

4. Software customization
Having expensive ERP systems as SAP, Scala, Oracle or the like you can save hundreds thousand USD or Euros by not keeping your payroll in-house.
A complete HR and Payroll module can be outsourced to us. We use 1C accounting software which is much cheaper and easier to maintain and customize for your specific needs.

5. Increases productivity
Payroll processing is a routing activity. Now your personnel can focus on more value-added activities. Less staff can do more work for you as they are freed from time consuming and routing work now.

6. Accuracy
We guarantee error-free payroll. In case of errors we bear all the risks.

7. On time
All payroll reports are to be submitted to the authorities on time. We guarantee no delays.

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